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One more time, unto the wayward journey.
Through the eyes of one whom all see.
Though I have traveled far wide,
Those who seek it, will find the light.

So, I journey on to the setting sun,
Hoping to find the one.
She can help me bring it back.
Help me undo all of my track.

Through the never I wander,
Unwavering, I must never falter.
They are all around me.
The are all watching me.

Those who were harmed by my doing,
Failed by me from all my alluring,
Having succumbed to my song singing...
I will right all that I have done.
Undoing the Past
I have wronged a great many people. Consider this not only an apology, but a promise. I swear upon my very health that I will make amends.
Just going through a rough period. It's tiresome. Fighting depression, but I won't worry any of you there. I wish everyone a good and happy day.
I'm back with an itch to write! Requests for poetry and short stories (One maybe two paragraphs) are available.

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The cloaked and hooded figure slowly wandered through the wood, tired and restless from his current journey. He stopped, to rest for a moment, underneath a large oak tree, sitting down and leaning back against the trunk. He rested his head against the wood holding him upright and closed his eyes, losing himself to the sounds of the forest. The birds chirping happily to each other, the small rodents chittering excitedly as they scrounged for food, the fox kit in the distance yelping for her mother, and the whistling of the trees as they whispered secrets of an age long lost. The man removed his hood, revealing his old age. He looked up into the dark roof supplied by the trees one last time, closing his eyes once more and just slipping away into a calm and quiet slumber. Sleeping for all of eternity as his body was taken back into the very ground in which he came.
Quiet Mind
No Description


Peach Voice (Official beatboxer)
United States
Hi there! Mah names Lyca! I love Heavy metal and rock music. I enjoy practicing many martial arts. Such as Muuy Thai and Jiu-jitsu. Parkour is also a favorite of mine, you can see me above doing so (Though, that's when I'm 28. (I'm really actually 17!))!

Current Residence: Some where along the border of reality and fantasy
Favourite style of art: Anthro furry!
Personal Quote: "What does it take? To kill your worst nightmare, I mean." "You don't. It kills you."

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